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Parental Rights 

"All participants in the education process benefit when schools genuinely welcome, encourage, and guide families into establishing equal partnerships with schools to support pupil learning" - EDC 51100

Students thrive when parents and schools form an equal partnership. Unfortunately, many parents in California have felt ignored when they question district policies, programs and curricula.  What can be done to restore trust and transparency between schools and parents?

Parental rights need to be strengthened in the NMUSD

Informed Parental Consent

Obtain informed parental consent before behavioral, mental, or emotional evaluations are performed on students. This includes Wellness Team Meetings, Social & Emotional Learning activities and Gender Support Plans.

EDC 49091.12 , EDC 51513 , PPRA 20 U.S.C 1232h

Participate in the selection of ALL instructional materials 

Allow parents to participate in the selection of ALL instructional materials including new editions of textbooks, curriculum, programming, and professional development by offering a public review and comment period prior to board adoption.

EDC 60002

Examine ALL instructional materials

Allow parents to examine ALL instructional materials including textbooks, library books and reading lists, videos, curriculum and programming by making them publicly available at school sites.

EDC 51101

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